675 C South Jefferson Avenue

Cookeville, TN  38501




Visit the clinic at 675 C South Jefferson Avenue in Cookeville, Tennessee.

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Call to schedule your pre-season Baseline Balance Evaluation or call if you have sustained a concussion and require therapy.

Wide range of treatments available for spinal pain

and headaches including ultrasound, electrical

stimulation, computerized spinal

decompression/traction, manual techniques including joint mobilizations,

myofascial release,

massage, and a progressive exercise program. 

Comprehensive evaluation

for muscle imbalances

which may be contributing

to muscle and joint pain. Individualized exercise

program based on findings for core stabilization, flexibility, and strength.


Neck and Back Pain

Muscle Imbalance

Balance and Dizziness

Patient Registration


We are helping the Upper Cumberland community stay health by organizing health and wellness initiatives through the Upper Cumberland Fitness Cooperative. Please visit the website for more information.

Call us for an appointment today: 931-528-8822

Vestibular rehabilitation

and balance retraining

including computerized

dynamic posturagraphy, dynamic visual acuity, and hand-eye coordination tests and treatments. 

Large gym space provides

room for a variety of balance equipment.