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Balance and Dizziness: We need coordination between our eyes, inner ears, and receptors in our bodies to keep ourselves balanced. Thorough evaluation and treatment by a Certified Vestibular Rehabilitation therapist is essential to complete treatment. Advanced computerized systems are available to assist in finding which balance systems are not functioning as well as others. Treatments are designed to improve these deficits to improve symptoms of dizziness, improve balance, prevent falls, and return the ability to function during daily activities.

Concussion Baseline Balance Evaluation and Rehabilitation: A baseline evaluation prior to an athletic season will assist in diagnosing and treating athletes if they sustain a concussion during the season and assist in faster return to play.

Back and neck pain: Pain can occur for a variety of reasons including muscle strain, degenerative joint disease, bulging or herniated disc, and scoliosis. Treatments are available to address the multiple facets of spinal pain including manual joint mobilizations, myofascial release, soft tissue mobilization, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, moist heat and cold packs, and advanced computerized spinal decompression/traction equipment.

Muscle imbalance: Muscle and joint pain often occurs due to an imbalance in how muscles pull on one side of the joint compared to the other. Evaluations assist in finding the imbalances and treating accordingly.

Neurological injuries: Injuries to the brain can affect many aspects of function. The brain has an amazing ability to improve after neurological damage. A comprehensive evaluation serves to find which areas are damaged from a neurological insult or condition. Treatments are designed to improve neuromuscular control, encourage brain plasticity, improve coordination, and assist in return to the highest level of function possible. Adaptive equipment is often helpful in early stages of brain recovery.

Orthopedic injuries: From muscle strains and ligament sprains to full joint replacements, we are knowledgable in all areas of orthopedic conditions. The world of orthopedic surgeries is constantly progressing and we strive to stay up-to-date on all current protocols to offer the best recovery.

Headaches: There are many varieties of headaches. Therapy can assist in treatment of headaches which originate from or are aggravated by the cervical spine. Migraines are considered to originate from the brain however tension in the neck muscles can make migraine symptoms more pronounced or occur more often. Physical therapy along with medical management of migraines has been found to assist in overall control of migraines.

Broad range of treatment options.